Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Alternatives to Bankruptcy


When you are dealing with bankruptcy, there could be options open to you. The options be determined by:

  • The kind of debts you have actually, and
  • Your circumstances that are specific

DEBTS: Secured and Unsecured

Secured Debts

  • Secured debts are debts intended to purchase home, such as for instance a true mortgage loan, car finance, or cash lent to purchase a television, furniture or other home.
  • The debtor pledges an item of home towards the loan provider, as collateral, to secure the mortgage. Put differently, the financial institution agrees to advance cash to purchase the product, and you also agree totally that should you not pay off the loan, the lending company may take the item and offer it to settle the mortgage.
    • Collateral may be the asset (thing) which can be repossessed to meet the quantity owed in the event that debtor doesn’t repay the mortgage.
  • Example: Home Loan
    • Ms. Doe would go to Main Street Bank for a financial loan to aid her buy a home. The financial institution offers her a home loan loan on set terms. The home it self could be the security. Then sell it to try to make up for their losses if Ms. Doe defaults (does not pay) on the mortgage loan, the bank can take the house, through foreclosure, and.

Un-secured Debts

  • Unsecured outstanding debts are typical other debts, such as for instance bank card debts, payday advances, medical bills, etc.
    • These kind of debts are not secured by a piece that is specific of acting as security.
    • Example: Bank Cards